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ePIsource Medical represents the latest technology allowing a medico-legal expert GP to deliver reports in both a written and XML format that is compatible with the valuation systems of leading insurers. It also delivers a uniquely flexible platform for completing reports, putting the control with the doctor.

Firstly, within Webclient click on Register to complete your details. We aim to action all applications within 1 working day and will advise you once your account is active. 

We also recommend that you create a seperate user account for the Service Desk.

Whilst you are waiting for your account to go live, please watch the ePIsource Medical Overview:

Decide which version of ePIsource Medical  best suites your needs. In practice, we find that most experts use ePIsource Medical  Local whilst their secretaries use Smartclient for administration. See for more details.

Full details of ePIsource Medical an be found at:

Should you require any remote support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to Corex!

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