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Your username and password for the Service Desk are independent to those
you use for the system. Please click on the relevant icon below:
ePIsource Legal ePIsource Medical

To access all versions of ePIsource Medical (Corex) please click here.

For ePIsource Physio and ePIsource Medical Webclient, we recommend that you use a new modern browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

ePIsource Legal and ePIsource Medical Smartclient require Java to be installed on your machine. Please do not install any higher than version 6 of Java. Please click here for the latest version of Java 6 for Windows.

Apple supplies their own version of Java. Please click here for the latest version of Java 6 for Mac. All versions of our software are compatible with OSX Mavericks.

If you require any remote support please click on the link below which will allow us to access your desktop:
Remote Access Remote Access

We pride ourselves in offering first class technical support to all ePIsource users. All support requests need to be raised via our ticketing system. This allows us to priortise, monitor service levels, and look at trends. You can also submit a request by calling us or sending an email:

Support Desk 0113 320 3772 support@isaastechnology.co.uk Technical Support
Examiner/Recruitment/Diaries 0113 320 1117 experts@isaastechnology.co.uk Advice for Experts

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